Colourful Fashion

Optimized Embroidery Specialist

The Challenge & Background

Colourful Fashion is a modern embroidery plant in Sri Lanka offering a range of embroidery services, from computerised embroidery, to appliqué, to attaching sequins, to laser cutting.

Colourful Fashion has been in the industry for almost 20 years providing embroidery services to international clients such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Nike, Marks & Spencer and Victoria’s Secret. This company not only strives to deliver solutions that leave their clients immensely satisfied, but also maintaining the best environment for their employees.

Colourful Fashion has always been in pursuit of the latest methods and techniques and was ready to expand its services, helping the clients fulfill all their embroidery needs under one roof. Since Colourful Fashion caters to all the international leading clothing and fashion companies, the company was in need of a brand that reflects its uniqueness and values to international buyers who seek a trustworthy, efficient service of a high standard.

Client: Colourful Fashion
Services: Brand Positioning, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Wayfinding & Signage
The Solution

Colourful Fashion’s  all-round service, streamlined workflow, and attention to every detail of their process became a way forward in aligning the brand strategy and positioning among their competition.

Their concern for their people, along with extra safety measures to ensure producing an efficient and premium end product proved Colourful Fashion to be an “optimized embroidery specialist.”

Using “optimized embroidery specialist” as the distinctive quality and pivot point for the brand rollout, we looked at interlacing each of Colourful Fashion’s different services as a concept of visualizing their brand promise. From the logo to iconography to textures, we developed a visual language that emphasized the “optimized” aspect of the brand.

Company Profile

We created the company profile as an introduction to company’s new values and all-round services. The design is based on keywords and crafted graphic elements. We used embroidery as an inspiration and used each different embroidery service provided by the client to craft the icons that represented each service.

Wayfinding & Signage System

In providing “optimized” service, wayfinding system is primarily focused on enhancing the productivity and efficiency inside the plant. Colourful Fashion has a very diverse staff. Therefore our challenge was to build a signage system that improves the quality of both visitor and staff experience. As a solution, we created trilingual exterior and interior signage system with pictorial symbols inspired by the visual identity of Colourful Fashion.

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